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Our investment themes for 2017 are produced by our research experts. See the topics covered in this year’s publication below. 

New horizons  –
where will 2017 take us?


Themes for 2016

Download our six investment themes for 2017

#1 - Winter
Monetary policy is dead; long live fiscal policy
The role of governments is a key consideration as we determine our investment strategy. For 2017 it will be particularly important as we believe that over the next year governments will take increasing responsibility for boosting economic activity - fiscal policy will become more important than the unorthodox monetary policies introduced by central banks since the financial crisis.
#2 - Specific
A year of political perils and possibilities
The current environment of political change represents a risk of instability which could impact investment returns. Businesses, industries and the overall economy are all impacted by political decisions – whether that be taxes, spending, regulation, currency valuation, trade tariffs or new laws. All of which might call for changes to investment strategy, asset allocations, hunkering down or unexpected opportunities.
#3 - Divergence
We’re going on a bond bear hunt
After Donald Trump’s election victory, investors are rightly concerned that the bond bear market may now be underway, with government bond prices falling and yields rising as a result.
The big question is: will we meet the bond bear in 2017, or are we still struggling “through thick oozy mud, a swirling whirling snowstorm or narrow gloomy cave”?





#3 -Dividend security


#5 - Brexit

Chinese year of the rooster – luck, romance and prosperity
China will continue to have a significant impact in 2017. It’s sheer size, scale and development affects the world’s markets and economies. Responsible for 35% of global economic growth, it is certainly a nation that cannot be ignored. While commentators' opinions may often differ about China, it is incumbent on us to try and understand what is really happening.


#6 - Chicken
Equity valuations – how to keep the party going in 2017

As we look at our investment strategy for 2017, even with rising bond yields and a high equity valuation starting point, there's potential for reasonable returns from shares over the next 12 months.

Down but not out – why it makes sense to hold on to 'bond proxies'
In the hunt for economic growth, fiscal spending appears to be picking up the baton from the central bank actions that have brought interest rates down to historic lows, creating an astonishing bull market in bonds. Alongside this bull market, until very recently, a clear parallel trend had developed in a certain type of global equity. 




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